Big Data was written, directed and edited by Ryan Estrada. Get in touch with e-mail or Twitter!
It was recorded by Cheyne Kohl at Underground Tracks in beautiful Busan, South Korea.


  De Anne Dubin as Dalles Spieler  
  Ryan Estrada as Mic Rara  


  The Doubleclicks did the theme song. (Gosh Darn Fiasco)
  Jemaine Clement did the Narration (Flight of the Conchords, Uncle Bertie's Botanarium)


  Paul F. Tompkins as Greg (Spontaneanation, The Pod F. Tompkast, Dead Authors Pod)
  Felicia Day as Brandt (The Guild, Geek & Sundry, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
  Cecil Baldwin as Nathan P. Roberts (Welcome to Night Vale)
  Amy Stoch as Marion Spieler (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey)
  Samm Levine as Porter (Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Basterds)

CAST (in alphabetical order)

  Kevin Allison as Kit Vulpes (Risk!, The State)
  Lydia Anderson as Gemma Linzer-Coolidge (Greater Boston)
  Heather Auden as Retinal Scanner (You Are Here)
  Dog Baby as Internet Cat  
  Paul Bae as Ulsan (The Black Tapes, Tanis)
  Holly Ive Bartkowiak as June  
  Patrick Becker as Troy  
  Johanna Bodnyk as Mallory (Greater Boston)
  Kathryn Botsford as Abby Hanlon  
  James Capobianco as Extinction Event (Greater Boston)
  Choe Sang Min as Shin  
  Jonathan Cohen as Vander  
  Rick Coste as Richard (The Behemoth, Scotch)
  David Cummings as Doc Sans (The No Sleep Podcast)
  Alexander Danner as Rod (Greater Boston)
  Sabushimike Donatien as Driver  
  Jeff Van Dreason as Chuck Octagon (Greater Boston)
  Jerzy Drozd as Mr. Spencer (Comics Are Great, The Galaxy of Super Adventure)
  Natalia Eddy as Ella Spencer  
  Steve Feldman as Arnold  
  Gang Juyeong as Chuck Just Jr.  
  Jeffrey Gardner as Crypto Dan (Our Fair City)
  Gim Milan as Jinhae  
  Andy Goddard as Announcer (Wooden Overcoats, Hector vs The Future)
  Fred Greenhalgh as Stevie Thunder (The Cleansed)
  Kristian Hart as Phillip  
  Sally Heckel as Rose (Greater Boston)
  Carrie Heeter as Linda  
  Te Hinekāhu as Little Dada  
  Jo Yo Han as Sgt. Kang  
  Chishamiso Kafundo as Miss Amare  
  Paul Kang as Chief Jo (The Whatnauts)
  Adam Kavulic as Dispatch  
  Kim Hyun Sook as Su Min  
  Kim Woo Jung as Cosplayer Jordan  
  Cheyne Kohl as The Messenger  
  Angélique Lazarus as Macey Oliver  
  Sarah Dawn Lowry as Tammy  
  Glaiza Macabali as Chef Wade  
  Kerry Maher as Sgt. Bradley Colt  
  Caitlin McGrath as Hana Kostkova  
  Michael Melia as Phil (Greater Boston)
  Conrad Miszuk as Corin Deeth III (Kakos Industries, Little Data: Kakos Responds)
  Pat Myers as Prankin' Pat  
  James Oliva as Michael Tate (Greater Boston)
  Benjamin Partridge as Beef & Dairy Rep (The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast)
  Tim Paugh as The Manager  
  Robert Perchan as Bill Denton  
  Abhay Puri as Vic and Chris Baten  
  Indy Randhawa as Chief Parker (Nightmare Island)
  David Rheinstrom as Little Data Intro Guy (Secrets Crimes & Audiotape, Radio Drama Revival)
  Sasha Roopen as Manisha  
  Stallone Santino as Sello  
  Jeffrey Schoenfeld as Alan Breckridge  
  Boipelo Seswane as Khaya  
  Gabriela Sheremet as Mrs. Sheremet (Jim Robbie and The Wanderers)
  Lauren Shippen as Atta Mooring (The Bright Sessions)
  Hoon Song as Park Yo Han (Sense8)
  Mischa Stanton as Rex Colt (Ars Paradoxica)
  Kris Straub as Blake Rounds (Chainsawsuit, 28 Plays Later)
  Gus Swanda as Frank Kreoller  
  Chris Tharp as Marc Oliver  
  Felix Trench as Brian Beeb (Wooden Overcoats, Zombies Run!)
  Maurice Turner as Koepp  
  Michael Uchrin as Fresa  
  Taika Waititi as Big Dada (What We Do In The Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok)
  Michael Grady Wheeler as Markle  
  Carlos Williams as Milo the Poet  
  Katie Wu as Aki Akuyama  
  Yoon In Sook as Kaechon  
  Mark Zink as Officer Zink  


Borken Telephone: Complete Sequence was produced by Peter Chiykowski and featured Rock Paper Cynic, Professor Shyguy, The Doubleclicks, Kirby Krackle, Sara Donner, Alter Ego, Nerd With Guitars, Kaari Maren, Zach Sherwin, Alpha Riff, Adam Warrock, Tico Souza & Ask Lovecraft, Debs & Errol, Jason Anarchy, and MC Lars and MC Frontalot.

Music and Magic, Rats, and Psycho were composed by Angélique Lazarus and Cheyne Kohl. They were performed by Angélique Lazarus. They were compiled from quotes by Nevil Maskelyne and a bunch of dead conmen.

Milo's improvised guitar was improvised and performed by Andrew Blad.

0ur Message was composed by nostraightanswer AKA Kenji-B.

Patent Troll is performed by Robert Perchan, with a beat by Menace.

Always be Here, and our theme song are by The Doubleclicks.

The Christmas Cover of our Theme Song was by Eli McIlveen of the show Alba Salix, Royal Physician.


Sneaky Snitch, Cyborg Ninja, Rhinoceros, Serpentine Trek, Fast Talkin, Unanswered Questions, The Show Must Be Go, Waltz Op. 40, Ecossaise in E-Flat, Redletter, There It Is, Despair and Triumph, and Colorless Aura were by Kevin Macleod.

Against The Wall and Tricks were by Boxcat Games.

Miaren, The Journey Begins and Future Journeys were by Ars Sonor.

Readers Do You Read and CGI Snake were by Chris Zabriskie.

Under Suspicion and Puzzle Pieces were by Lee Rosevere.

Doute and Lendemain au Cafe were by Lessazo.

Night Ride and Bass Loop were by Orange Free Sounds.

Wherever Aliens was by Sawsquarenoise.

Action Cue, Impact Transition and Malum were by Brandon Clark of Cadere Sounds.

A Craftier Thief was by Architect 25.

News Desk was by Jobro.

Too Rich, the beat used in Patent Troll, was by Menace.

Losing Over Christmas, Pantomime Cow, and Losers on a Christmas Eve were from Christmas Losers by Greg Atkinson.

Scotch and Soda, Pastor McPurvis, Justin M, and John Louis Kluck all performed versions of Auld Lang Syne.

Kayfabe, and The End of The Internet were by Broke Yeti.Click the links for licensing information!


Remy Porter for his technical consulting, Nicole Gugliucci for space consulting, James Ball for writing the article that inspired the show, Jason E. Street for his pen-testing videos, Peter Starr Northrop for his writing help, Suzanne Farrell and Zach Thorpe for their amazing deleted-scene performances, Jerzy Drozd for directing the Talk Girl segment, Joseph Warwick Victor Hewitt for website help, and all of our Kickstarter backers.

This show is also deeply indebted to the Busan English Theatre Association, Shakespeare in Busan, The Ha Ha Hole, Busan Spoken Word, Wordz Only, Ulsan Industrial Theatre Troupe, The Gwangju Performance Project, The HQ Bar, and the entire Korean creative community.

Stay tuned for Bigger Data. Or, read the prequel comic Broken Telephone. Thanks for listening!